Online Casino Roulette Analytics in Canada

In the following article, we have outlined some of the latest statistical data regarding roulette, a fairly popular game in the state. A modern casino Canada online offers this option for their players to enjoy, so it’s great to know where the market is headed and what the average client can expect from it.

Roulette Playing Frequency

Online Casino Statistics of Canadian RouletteFor starters, how often do Canadians spin the bicolored wheel? According to statistical researches held in 2015, around 42% of players engage in this type of action with varying frequency. 5% stated that they tend to play roulette or craps during every visit to a staking house, 7% often (but not always) place their noir and rouge bets, 16% join the fun incidentally, and another 14% rarely take part in this activity.
Roughly speaking, that’s almost half of the clients, a rather promising rate, especially considering the amount of money that is averagely staked on the rolling numbers.

Share of Canadians who have Participated in Online Casino Roulette

Although the share (42%) of Canadians who have ever joined roulette may seem significantly lower than those who are fond of other popular games like blackjack (46%), lottery (61%), and slots (90%). But it is still big enough to be thoroughly considered when designing a strategy for a further development of the web staking house. A major reason of that is the estimated amount that a client spends during an average session of a particular game. And we’ve researched that for you (be sure to read the last section of this article for details).

Daily Research

Roulette Reports of Online Casino in CanadaAs times go by, casinos are gradually developing into multipurpose entertainment facilities, aimed to satisfy all possible desires for a leisure, and not just pure gambling needs. According to a research in 2015, people were asked about what exactly the players had done during their last visit to a staking house. Only 10% stated they played roulette. And while these ten percent may not seem like something important, the truth is that clients usually spend a lot more on this spinning wheel that they do during the other activities.

Trend of Medium Spending over Recent Years

Remember the list of activities that casino visitors affirmed to take part in, mentioned in the previous section of this article? Let’s get into some specific numbers. As a rule, Canadians spent around $90 on blackjack, and just $56 on slots. And while just 10% of gamblers picked roulette as an option, they ultimately wagered almost $150 during their last attendance in a staking room! Such amount is more than enough to compensate the seeming lack of the popularity of this game.