Canadian Online Casino Regulated by QC Gambling Policies

Gambling in Canada is under a command of local authorities. The provincial state power operates and regulates the entertainment process. There are local companies in every territory, so the specific control under bets may vary.

With well-developed venture traditions, Québec completely allows operations, competitions, and contests on the commercial basis.

The local governance undertakes a big range of measures to inform and to protect gamblers. Concerning the betting activity, there are two main organizations: Loto-Québec (LQ) and The Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ).Online Casino Statistics in Canadian Territory QC


LQ is the main organization with many affiliates responsible for all wagering process on the territory, real or virtual. This is a government structure that controls all lotteries and games of chance in this province. This corporation offers different kinds of betting opportunities, including sports.

SBQ, SLVQ, and SCQ are subsidiaries of LQ. Technologies Nter, being also a branch, develops and operates online casino.

Société des Casinos

Since 1992 SCQ is mandated to manage, operate, and develop 4 betting houses in Québec. As a state agency, it acts in favor of the province and its population. This way, it enforces the attractiveness of the cities by offering an outstanding and modern wagering entertainments.

The big attention is given to innovations and perfect customer services. Providing a big income from Canada online casino, this corporation applies also many efforts to return the money, spent by Québecers in the ante outside the land.

Société des Loteries Vidéo

SLVQ operates over 14,000 video terminals in over 3,000 places across the province. SLVQ is responsible for marketing and managing the wagering sets, collecting and handing over the gained money to the government. It constantly monitors and researches the betting installations in order to diversify them.

Liquor, Racing, and Gaming Board

This corporation gives licenses for all wager devices and installations, including Bingo, Kinzo, and Wheel of Fortune, according to the kind of the operator or to the type of the business.Canadian Online Casino Analysis in Quebec Province

The company is responsible for statistical verification of the income from gaming machines. It has the duly surveillance over betting houses and VLTs, but it has not any supervision over lottery activities of LQ. In 2016, it allocated over $3,000,000 to this organization as an additional financial support of management to control video terminals.

Online Casino Participation Research in Canada

As it was reported in The Canadian Gambling Digest (2013-2014), Québec had the highest level of participation in gaming among other provinces (10,448 people). Using the pretext of the state interests, the authorities declared their plans about the limitations of the Internet providing services to foreign virtual games with bets.

In 2015, the notorious Bill 74 was offered, which became legal in May 2016. Following this document, the regional administration can decide what websites would be allowed for visiting by the players of this territory. Moreover, they can restrict or even block the access to external betting sources upon its choice.

It also brought troubles for mobile network operators, because they usually run their business in a close cooperation with software providers. These days, it is considered a growing interest among Canadian thrill lovers for making wagers on the international websites. Not surprising that in 2015-2016 the provincial participation at the national staking rooms had decreased considerably.