Microgaming Bonus Tracking Technology with PlayCheck

Microgaming is among the most venerable software providers offering gaming solutions. It is also one of the oldest developers in this sphere. The company was grounded in 1994 and quickly became the leading supplier. It maintains about one hundred online casinos and always expands its services.

Once you start playing, you will surely desire to know the result of each action you made. That is probably a significant detail of any session. Fortunately, you will be able to collate your cash. A Playcheck technology is a really useful tool for monitoring all your money operations (including free cash of bonus from Microgaming)done on sites powered by the company.

Bonus Recording from Microgaming PlayCheck

How to Use the Tool while Playing Bonus

The use of this facility tends to be convenient and demonstrable, but not complicated. You should press on a Playcheck button on the staking site. Afterwards, you will proceed to the section which shows your recent gaming sessions. You can bet on any play in the set. Select one of them and see how much you spend on it. You will be informed about your account balance before starting wagers and after each subsequent action.

Advantages and Features of PlayCheck

The Playcheck system is available for any online staking institution which uses Microgaming software. It also has a Cashcheck function. It works completely the same way as with plays, but it presents info about deposits and withdrawals, the sum of money taken out, the date, etc. That is also quite useful.

Another advantage is when you claim for VIP-status in your favorite casino. Well, you gambled a lot, and prefer to play at the certain betting house. Why don’t you gather info about your stakes and obtain a loyalty bonus, for example?

Reducing House Edge

Again, visible and well-organized statistics of your gaming session are a great thing for counting the house edge. In some cases, if this value is not shown, using the Playcheck stats is the only mean to calculate it. Things become apparent when you have all the values right on the screen.

Microgaming Bonus Tracking PlayCheck Tool

Loss and Wins History

Playcheck can be indispensable for those players who are supposed to register their winnings and losses for recovering taxes (if gambling in the USA, for example). Sure, writing down every betting result in the diary can be quite irritating. That can spoil the game at all, and the entertainment will turn into nervous routine.

Using such a monitoring technology will rid you of making notes during the session. It is up to you to make them after that or simply make screenshots as a significant evidence for claiming tax money back.

Malfunction Microgaming Games

Although the software may not produce any errors, some of them occur. That happens infrequently, but when it does, it’s better to apply for support team and ask them to do something. Some errors cause graphical odds when wrong numbers are shown, or some games do not download. Or spins do not want to stop and continue rolling.

You are lucky if you have never faced connection defects. But when you are playing, for instance, online slots sitting in front of your PC and suddenly the blue screen of death stopped you, calm down because the Playcheck system keeps your records.

Thus, if some malfunctions occur, it is not the problem when you gamble on the Microgaming platform. After reentering the account, proceed to the check page.

PlayCheck - Microgaming Bonus Technology

Gameplay Recording

Playcheck gives you a chance to analyse your gaming strategy. That is crucial for self-development in this field. Making out and correcting mistakes or distinguishing successful actions by reviewing the outcome of each single spin opens a space for improving a knack and becoming an increasingly skilled player.

After you figure out everything about the session, you will be able to choose whether to play a certain game or not. You can discover whether it would be profitable or wasteful.