Perks of Loyalty Bonus Schemes from Microgaming

Loyalty programs or VIP clubs, in reality, are implemented on a seniority league principle providing better and bigger promotions. Players occupy certain levels and are upgraded depending on total wagers amounts and, correspondingly, on an accumulated comp points’ number. The higher the hierarchic position, the greater the prize amount. The most typical awards guarantee cash back percentages and Microgaming bonus with tiered loyalty schemes that one can redeem after collecting a specified mark’s quantity.
Loyalty Program - Microgaming Bonus Insight

How to Get Microgaming Bonus?

It is mandatory for casinos to offer welcome bonuses to players-depositors. But to receive it, customers should accumulate loyalty points and carefully read the prime-deposit award terms and conditions. Any but only one first promotion can be activated.

The way to do it is, for example, to enter a “My Account” website page and to submit a code of a chosen encouragement to a client support team. To redeem it, you must rake up to $10 for every granted $1 within a determined period. A daily progress and an available LP-mark number simply appear on the same my-account page.

The Structure of the Scheme

The loyalty program is a well-organized multi-level structure where each higher stair provides better advantages for players with the small amount of money and those who make big bankrolls. Mostly, powerful wager rooms run such schemes, composed of five milestones. The first four are Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Platinum. The last is subject to vary as VIP, VIP-Elite versions depending on a casino’s gaming policy.

The Diamond is the highest step on the scale. The principal concept is in rapid moving up through tiers and getting a bigger variety of sophisticated awards. So, one should play and bet as much and long as he can get access to more valuable promotions.
Microgaming Bonus Review of Loyalty Program

How Can You Be Awarded?

Casinos, engaged in loyalty programs store Comp points in a player’s account. Further, accumulated Cps are converted into bonuses, free spins, free-to-release cash, and weekly/monthly prizes.

Moreover, birthday specials and different specified exchange options are offered without wagering requirements, but it is a Diamond-level privilege.

Comp Points

Comp points are considered as a casino currency in Loyalty programs. They are available for all visitors and are aggregated automatically with a game start. But only gamers-depositors, once having collected a specified minimum number, get the right to make redemptions at the conversion ratio $10 to 1,000Cps. Each bet brings 1Cp.

Players, collecting them in a bet-by-bet process constantly improve their tiers. Normally, they receive 10 points income per dollar in a fee or a rake. To qualify as a VIP, one should accumulate 20,000Cps and have a minimum balance of $3,000.


A Cashback has been credited to customers’ accounts as a bonus-money-type refund, or a real paid sum in a percent ratio of net losses resulted from a wagering. But in any way, money for sure comes to balance.

Commonly, the percentage in different casinos has specific values and ranges between 5% and 25% with certain payout limits. This real-money promotion is offered exclusively to VIPs and Loyal Program participants. Some betting rooms practice weekly/monthly rank-back activities. Sometimes the award is available only on determined games to reduce clients’ risks.
Microgaming Bonus with Loyalty Program Review

The Purpose and Privilege to Be in VIP System

Nowadays, countless casinos have faced an enormous competition in a worldwide gaming market. They undertake utmost efforts to engage new players and to hold permanent ones on their particular gambling sites. Betting rooms offer numerous awards and promotions as instruments of clients’ encouragement.

In this meaning, a loyalty program or VIP-club membership is highly prestigious. It is welcomed due to big bonuses, cash-back opportunities, high conversation rates, and reload gifts. Besides, the system provides offline privileges as jet tours, limousines, accommodations in 5-star hotels, recreating places, merchandise and other red carpet luxuries.