Research of Canadian Population Playing at Online Casino

In this article we’ve outlined the most interesting statistical data regarding gambling in particular online casino Canada. Modern studies made able to analyze game preferences throughout the population, the density of players in separate provinces, average age, common concerns, as well as other valuable parameters.

Studies by Numbers

“Why are these statistics important at all?” you may ask. Well, according to the CGA (Canadian Gaming Association) research published in 2016, around 37% of the population of Canada engages in gambling with variable frequency. Specifically, 40% of them partake in betting activities once or twice per year, 26% every 2 to 5 months, 20% are monthly players, and 11% make the “core” group with weekly attendance.Online Casino Surveys among Canadian People

These numbers imply that staking games are a major option of leisure in the country So the related tendencies should be well-studied in order to promote a further development of the business and prevent possible social problems.

Games Ranking

Not all gambling options are equally popular among Canadians. According to a recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute, 82% of the population purchased lottery tickets in the last year, 43% took part in charitable staking. 32% visited a wagering house, 14% played online, 14% gambled at a bar or club, and some preferred betting either on the sports (13%) or at racetracks (10%).

Among casino visitors, the most loved game is slots (76% players take part in this activity), followed by the table fun like craps, roulette, blackjack and poker (27%). Lottery (20%) and bingo (10%) were the secondary choices in this group, and bets on racing (7% for live, 5% for off-track) finished the list.

Provinces Parts

Although an average of 37% of surveyed Canadians stated that they engaged in a form of gambling during the past year, this number differs slightly from one province to the other. For example, it is significantly higher in New Brunswick (50%) and surprisingly low in Nova Scotia (21%). Most of other regions stay in the 38-39% interval.

Gender Variance

Currently, around 57% of Canadian gamblers are male, 43% are female. These numbers are more or less consistent in all provinces surveyed.

Age of Gamblers

Among all age groups, gambling at an online casino is the most popular in the 18-34 year interval, scoring almost 16% of visitors. Other segments of players do not extend over the single-digit percent margin.

Public Attitude

Demographics Statistics of Canadian Online CasinoCurrently, almost 56% of Canadians consider internet gambling as a harmful undertaking. This number differs slightly throughout provinces, being the lowest in British Columbia (46%) and the highest in Atlantic Canada (66%). Despite these rather high rates, most participants of the survey did not state online gaming as a source of serious problems in their household (9%), contrary to VLTs (30%) and traditional casinos (23%).

This speaks in favor of suspecting a certain bias towards virtual wagering throughout the population, without a significant base for it. Educational and social programs may alleviate the situation in the future. As well as increase the publicity of the efforts of web staking houses in combating problem betting behavior and other social issues, such as underage participation in the offered activities.