ClearPlay – a Helpful Bonus System from Microgaming Casino

Microgaming is an amazing software platform for online casinos. It has several innovative and unique features which will be useful for players all around the world. Among handy tools such as Playcheck and Cashcheck, the provider can also offer another one.

The community brought the ClearPlay technology into life in 2006. Since its debut, it has become widespread and beloved by many plungers due to its useful functions. The system deals with bonuses, allowing gamers to monitor completing the wagering requirements.

Microgaming ClearPlay Helps to Track Bonus Rollover

The Main Goal

Most players avoid claiming casino bonus from Microgaming because it is often locked with wagering requirements. Gamers doubt whether to get it or not because they’re not always sure they can manage to beat the reward.

That makes awards, rather a burden than an advantage. Clearplay made gambler’s life easier and happier. Why monitor the playthrough process? Well, to reduce risks and to figure out everything clearly. Anyway, you can instantly withdraw what you earned by winning the prize.

ClearPlay Modification in Bonus Rules

Some time ago when the Clearlpay was just released, players could withdraw both cash and bonus as they wished and at any time. That was possible, even without the fulfilment of the wagering requirements.

The only obstacle was like that: if you wanted to take out the winnings, you would have to refuse the remains of your award. Everything was okay until someone very dodgy managed to get around the system and get the reward money. So, the program was imperfective.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Thus, nowadays most casinos implemented some specific rules, to put it simply, limitations. For example, some betting houses require their clients to complete the rollover at first before they can receive the prize. Other online staking groups allow obtaining only one welcome gift from the whole group.

Check Microgaming Bonus with ClearPlay

Structure of the Microgaming Tool

Clearplay lets you split the account into two parts. The first one is devoted to the real cash funds. You can track your balance checking this window. Any funds from this section can be taken out immediately. Another one is for bonuses. While visiting this division, you can see the progress of meeting wagering requirements.


The main advantage of the Clearplay is that you do not have to force the brain muscles to calculate how many wagers are left. The system successfully does it for you. Moreover, it presents understandable stats of the bonuses.

It informs you of the rewards available for taking out. Another good thing regarding the tool is that the award balance little by little converts into the cash one.


Nothing in our world is ideal; every innovation has its flaws. Clearplay is not an exception. The system expands its impact not on all the casinos. Thus, playing at several internet betting houses, you still have to complete the whole playthrough.

Also, be attentive while choosing a particular game. Wagering requirements may vary from 30x to even 300x. That especially relates to French roulette. But, again, keeping in mind those things, you will prevent yourself from disillusionment.

Microgaming Bonus Tool - ClearPlay

How Does It Work in Real?

Simple as ABC is truly about the Clearplay. Let us describe how it works using some examples.
You started playing by making a deposit of $200 and claimed a welcome gift of $400. This $200 goes directly to your cash balance and can be withdrawn at any time you want it. $400 goes to the bonus part.

While you wager to complete, for example, 40x requirements, the reward part of 10 dollars is transferred to the first section after each bet. Thus, you stake until the whole award field is empty.