Reduce Risk of Addiction from Online Casino Gaming in Canada

Annually, the online casino profits are measured in millions of dollars. The earnings can be compared with the margin of film or music industries. However, it is considered to be a problem, as it can lead to a dangerous addiction. Besides, more and more adults begin gambling for money. The statistics show even a more depressing picture – 70% of the population of Canada have tried it. Thereat, this penchant can have horrible consequences driving to difficulties in your daily life. So, what actions could you perform to reduce such a risk?

Canadians Think that Gambling is the Way of Making Money. It’s Wrong!

Most probably, you’ve heard about gambling from your friends or know the cases of big wins. You may start thinking that games of chance put a powerful lot of money into your pockets, but it’s false! Don’t delude yourself! C’mon, the playhouse operator is the one who cash on you. Besides, it is so structured that every win is random in the online casino Canada. One can say that various strategies help to gain, but they are either not working or too complex to use. Moreover, the ninety per cent of losings occurred thru real CAD betting on web. That means that you’ll definitely spend more than play back.

Stop the Chase of Losses

Reducing the Risk of Online Casino Addiction in CanadaThe Responsible Gambling Council is the widely recognized organization operating in Canada. The RGC develops programs and plans for prevention of problem gaming. One of its main themes is “Stop the Chase”, focused on adults of 18-24 ages. According to the annual report, the issue comes up when you give away funds, but bet again or tell yourself that you’ll get the CAD back on the next hand.

However, the process doesn’t seem to be fun anymore. You feel angry and anxious. You want to equalize your expenses and profits, but it doesn’t happen. In this case, the campaign will provide you with the needed support and assistance. Remember, you can control yourself, don’t allow spending more than you can afford.

Prevention through the Media

The mass media reflect the value emphases of Canadians and worldwide. It’s an excellent tool for promoting preventive measures amongst the residents. Internet, television and literature facilitate the distribution of the information and help problem players.

The Responsible Gaming Resource Centers provide materials in various ways. The booklets, digital screens, educational events, broad advertising, the RGRC website targets youth and adults of other ages. In addition, the PGPW and “Listen to Yourself” initiatives contribute in delivering the key messages to the population in form of interactions and adds.

Informing the Public about Online Casino Myths

Prevention of Online Casino Addiction in CanadaProblem gamblers have different reasons for continuing the unprofitable game. Someone considers himself lucky; others think that the more they bet, the more chances to hit a jackpot they have. “Just one more wager and I’ll win” – all these arguments are online casino myths.

To avoid such a deception, the interactive program called “Know the Score 2” or kts2 was developed to educate young citizens. It dispels such fallacies, teaches how to see the signs of the issue, proposes ways to keep gaming safer. The event was held at colleges and universities in BC, Ontario, New Foundland, Labrador, etc.

Set Limits

If you feel that you have a hard time playing reasonably, then, set the time and money limits to keep it under your control. Almost all operators offer such services. Playhouses usually allow depositing only a few hundred Canadian dollars daily. Enable the function in your software.

Otherwise, you can contact the support team and ask for lowering this amount even for a week and a whole month. Also, you can tell the customer service to shut down your account for a definite period. You may even speak with your family, so that they confine the Internet access, making it available only for a few hours.