Canadian Researches of Online Casino Card Games

If you’re looking for the latest statistics on the most popular card games played at Canadian online casinos, stop searching! We’ve gathered detailed data regarding national behavior patterns and peculiarities throughout distinct provinces into a single article for your enjoyment.

Attitude and Participation

One of the main points of interest regarding table online casino games Canada statistics is the general attitude of the population towards the subject, as well as its readiness to partake in these activities.

Popularity among Younger Players

Online Casino Statistics of Canadian Card Games According to the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) 2016 report, casino visitors of the younger age group (between 18 and 34 years) are twice more inclined to engage monthly in table activities than players aging 35 or more. Perhaps, a reason for that is the appealing social aspect of such games, as it implies a certain level of interaction between participants of a match at cards. Moreover, an element of competition between players is also an important factor.

Activity Realization in Canada

Canadians show a rather high level of awareness regarding table games. In the CGA research, 71% of the surveyed players affirmed that they were informed of the possibility to engage in the mentioned activities in local casinos and similar communities. This rate is second only to slot machines, which 83% of the survey’s participants said they knew about an entertainment.


A favorite among Canadian players. 7% of surveyed casino visitors affirmed that they always play blackjack when attending a staking house, 9% stated that they engage in this activity most of the time, 17% enjoy it incidentally, and another 14% said they rarely partake in this game. In total that’s whole 46%, which is a considerable segment of clients.


Researches of Online Casino Card Games in CanadaPoker requires confident skills and strong personal traits from the player, so it’s not surprising that this table option is somewhat less popular than blackjack, as not every casino visitor will properly savor the process. 5% of the survey’s participants said they always enjoy this opportunity when visiting a betting room, 8% take part in it most of the times, 13% engage incidentally, and 15% rarely pick this activity.

Availability of Internet Casino Table Games

As you see, table games are fairly popular among Canadians. Yet, sadly, due to local laws and regulations, not all provinces offer residents a proper online resource to enjoy them. At the start of 2015, just three regions (British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec) had their own internet options for players to engage in such activities.

So gamblers from other locations had to resort to offshore virtual betting rooms. Hopefully, the situation changed in the years that had followed since, but detailed statistics are still to be disclosed. In any case, it is great to remember that the web is full of exciting possibilities to gamble safely, regardless of the place you live in.