BC Online Casino Activity in Canada

British Columbia, traditionally known as the vast pioneers’ land also has got the fame as the first area in the North American continent to legalize online casinos. Nowadays, BC residents from Vancouver to Richmond enjoy a tax-free games variety in the Internet version. Thrill seekers in the province of the age over 19 have got more access to websites of fully licensed 17 top rank betting houses and local betting room services. The money withdrawal traditionally is carried out in CAD only.

In the region, there is a kind of juridical confusion around the legal net gambling status on some restricted territories. For example, BC and Ontario banned VLTs, but Alberta and Quebec organized a significant revenues stream from the best casino online Canada. In such areas where virtual playing is considered illegal, the administrative and financial punishment is triggered against banking installations and credit card companies that fund the video industry, but not the customers.Canadian Surveys of Online Casino in British Columbia

Rapid Growth in Gambling Market

The gambling market represents all bet and game types. The gross win in 2015 was C$13.4 million with the compound growth rate of 1.2% up to 2015. The total contribution in Gross Output is estimated as C$31mn and C$14mn revenues relate goods’ purchase and services.

The rapid and steady rise of earnings in the branch since 2006 started with C$5,354 billion and gradually reached C$6,230bn in 2015. These gains – 16.36% in the period of 10 years – are impressive enough. Moreover, the casino market provides 128,000 jobs (in total 283,000 jobs, including indirect junks), annually delivers C$8.7mn to support the programs conducted by the government and the community.

Revenue on the Past Years

The online gambling industry has generated significant revenues during the past 10 years. Annually a local government of BC province issues information on casinos’ income under their jurisdiction and obtains 10%.

According to the Canadian Gaming Association, the Internet venture market produces about C$1bn per year in yields. The report from Ipsos (April 2010) estimated net playing deposits in C$868m and figured the adults’ participation rate – 8 per cent.

Online Casino Prevalence Study

The Internet games prevalence rate in relation to adults is 2.1%, or 3.5% if consider players who use the web to operate with high-risk bets. Obviously, it means an increase, particularly since 2004 when it was below 1%. E-net entertainments continue to remain in the group of the least common gaming types among people of legal age (33.9% of plungers). The grown-up abundance factor of the moderate and severe problem gambling is 3.2%.

Responsible Playing Strategy

At present, gaming development is balanced with the socially responsible policy by the implementation of the corresponding education and awareness programs and initiatives. The Canadian government has already delivered C$110 million on problems treatment.

Online Casino Policy in Canadian BC Province

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation

In the last years, lottery corporations in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec have spread their presence in the province. The BC Lottery Corporation, though, having been ahead for three decades, in 2010 started the first government-controlled Internet casino in North America and runs a commercial gaming in the region. BCLC is accountable to the territory and GPEB.

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch Licensing

GPEB’s office is authorized to act in accordance with the Gaming Control Act. GPEB bears a responsibility for gambling in BC and provides a regulatory survey on BCLC. The Branch also supervises the implementation of responsible and addiction programs, issues licenses for playing events, and administrates community grants.